10 fun gift ideas for your canna buddies

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Picking the right gift for your loved ones is always a challenge. Especially during the Holiday Season.

If you have a cannabis enthusiast friend and you are unfamiliar with the world of cannabis this interesting list will help you pick the perfect gift for them.

Surprise your canna buds with fun cannabis gifts from CannaStore:

1. Edibles
Edible in any kind of food made with cannabis as an ingredient. The most popular edibles are cookies, gummies, cupcakes, candies, lollipops, chocolate, etc. Their best advantage is that you can experience the effects of cannabis differently without inhaling it. Be sure that your canna bud will appreciate this kind of gift.

2. Cannabis-infused drinks
Cannabis is a versatile plant and it can be put literally in any kind of food and beverage. Cannabis-infused drinks are gaining popularity in the cannabis community. You can always add a green touch to your presents by gifting cannabis-infused beverages such as tea, coffee, water, energy drink, beer, champagne, etc.

3. Fun cannabis-themed clothes
Not only that there are plenty of clothes with a cannabis-themed print, but there are clothes made of cannabis. Cannabis’ fiber is very strong. It is used in many industries to make various products from paper to cars, boats, and even musical instruments.
Gift your loved ones fun T-Shirts, hats, socks, sweaters, scarfs, and color their day green.

4. Vapor and smoking gifts
Many cannabis users take cannabis by inhaling. Gift your cannabis bud interesting vapor/smoking gifts such as vape kit, glass blunts, bongs, etc. with unusual designs and features. With this kind of gift, you can’t make a mistake.

5. Cannabis storage containers
Keeping cannabis fresh and safe sometimes is a challenge for cannabis lovers. They need a safe place to store their goodies in. It is even better if the container is well designed and unique. You can gift items like store boxes, odorless bags, tight vacuum containers, etc.

6. Smoking accessories
Smoking accessories are a must for any cannabis smoker. They are always in need of rolling papers, filters, lighters, grinders, rolling trays. High-quality smoking accessories with unusual properties are always a cool gift for your cannabis friends.

7. Cannabis oil
The list of benefits of cannabis oil and CBD grows with each new research. Thanks to its calming properties, CBD relaxes the body and it is often used as pain relief. Shop for high-quality cannabis oils from our wide range of stores and products.

8. CBD Health and Beauty products
CBD affects our bodies in various beneficial ways. Some of the most known CBD effects are the effects it has on the skin. CBD can help alleviate skin conditions such as rashes, itchiness, insect bites, flaky and red skin, inflammation, etc. You can gift CBD products such as makeup, balms, creams, bath products, etc. This kind of gift is perfect for anyone who takes good care of their body and leads a healthy life.
* Please read the labels carefully and be aware that CannaStore does NOT provide medical services or medical advice.

9. Cleaning kits and special formulas
Using cannabis can sometimes create resilient stains on clothes, covers, carpets and other textiles. Cleaning kit specialized for resilient stains is a great gift for your canna bud who is a bit messy. There are specialized kits for cleaning: textiles, glass, pipes, stems, bowls and small pieces.

10. CannaStore Gift card
If you are unsure of what kind of gift your friend needs/wants send them a gift card from CannaStore.
With this Gift Card, they can purchase the gift they most like.
CannaStore gift cards are available from 10, 20, 50 and 100 Euros.
Sending Gift Cards is easy: Pick the amount, insert the Recipient’s email, sign your Name and head to Checkout.
To access the Gift Card menu please follow this link: https://cannastore.com/product/gift-card

Extra tip: Finding interesting cannabis-themed wrapping paper or ribbon will add more to the Holliday magic.

Shop for unique gifts for your special someone on CannaStore: https://cannastore.com

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