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This is a step-by-step guide for placing an order.


  1. Sign up for CannaStore by clicking the LOG IN icon in the upper right corner located between currency icon and the Wishlist icon (heart). You can sign up with your email or with your Facebook, Google or Twitter profile.


  1. Choose the product you want to purchase. Here is a full list of all products on CannaStore at the moment: https://cannastore420.comshop/


  1. Click “Add to Cart” (1 click- checkout) to add the product directly to your cart without reviewing the product’s details such as: description, customer reviews, policies, related products and inquiries.

– If you would like to see the product’s details, click on the product’s name or picture.

– You can see detailed information about the Store which sells that product. To view the Store, click on the Store’s name which is located under the “Add to Cart” button on the product. In there you can browse the products that offers; read their About section; Shipping, Refund, Return /Cancellation/Exchange Policies; Reviews and Followers.

– If you have a questions about the product or the Store in general, you can contact the Store by clicking on the “Ask a question button” located under Add to Cart button on each product.

You can also write to the Store Owner/s by clicking the “Inquiry” button which can be found in the Store’s banner.

– Please note that by using this button you contact only the Store which sells the product. If you want to contact CannaStore, please use this Contact form or mail us directly via



  1. Once you’ve reviewed all the additional information about the product, you can:

– Add the product to your cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button. You can access your Cart by clicking the Cart icon in the top right corner or by the Cart icon in the bottom right corner. You can proceed to Checkout page by clicking on either of these icons.

– Add the product to your Wishlist by clicking the heart icon right under the Product’s name. When you add a product to your Wishlist it appears on the Wishlist page which can be accessed by clicking on the heart icon. The product will stay there until you buy it or until someone buys it for you. This Wishlist can be shared on social media by clicking on the links under the products. To remove a product from your Wishlist just click on the red X located left of the product’s image.

– Compare the product with another product by clicking the scale icon with “Add to compare” text located right next to the heart icon. When you click “Add to compare” on a product listing you’re adding it to the compare page where you must have at least two products selected in order to have them shown side by side along with their pictures, Stores, availability, rating, reviews and prices to compare. To access the Compare page click on the scale icon in the top right corner or on the scale icon which pops up on the right side. To remove a product from Compare page just click on the red X located in the top right corner of the product.


  1. After you’ve added all the products you wish to purchase into your cart, head out to the Checkout.

Click on the Cart icon and then click Checkout.

In here you should enter your information needed for shipping the product such as: name, country, address, phone, email and checking the checkboxes in front of “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” and “I have read and agree to the website privacy policy”. The fields marked with * are mandatory, and the other ones are optional. You can also insert a code if you have a coupon or ship the product to someone else by clicking “Ship to a different address”.

– If you have filled your CannaStore profile with billing and shipping details previously, these fields will be automatically filled. In order to change the details just click on the field you’d like to change.


  1. Then you can proceed to the payment page by clicking “Continue to payment” button.

Depending on the method you’ve selected, we’ll ask for your credit or debit card information (full name, card number, expiry date, CVV) or PayPal account information.

Once you have filled all the fields correctly, click on the Agree&Pay button. You will receive confirmation email along with electronic invoice on  the email you have put in the email field on the checkout page.

If you have any questions please Contact us via this form.


  1. To view your profile, orders, saved addresses, support tickets and more, go to Your account.

In there you can view and edit your information and settings.



E-commerce has revolutionized retailing and product distribution in general. No market, niche or otherwise, will survive without a strong presence in E-commerce. Whether it’s business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C), E-commerce must be a part of any business and marketing strategy. If only this tool was as accessible to the Cannabis industry as it is to any other…

Today digital channels are mostly unavailable to legal marijuana businesses due to censorship, unclear legislation, and the persistent negative stigma they still have. This changes with CannaStore, the digital market-place tailored for the needs of the Cannabis Industry and the Cannabis Enthusiast alike.

CannaStore addresses the limitations businesses are facing by establishing a highly efficient digital marketplace. Here businesses can legally sell their cannabis-related products taking full advantage of the powerful tools made available thanks to digital and mobile technologies.

CannaStore provides consumers with a much wider variety of products to choose from, each rated and vetted by fellow consumers. Thus, lowering barriers to entry, increasing competition, and hence improving prices and the quality of the products on offer.

On CannaStore the Marijuana enthusiast can find the best products offered by the best companies from all around the world, at the best prices.

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